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FAQs on School of Engineering

Is the School of Engineering program beginner-friendly?

Our School of Engineering program is beginner-friendly, online and well-structured. It is an extensive, completely virtual 12-month program and you get a Diploma certificate upon successful completion.

Which of the three tracks in the School of Engineering can I apply to?

Our School of Engineering include the following tracks: Front End Engineering, Back End Engineering, and Cloud Engineering. You can only select one of these tracks to major in. You can also view the learning tracks available under the School of Engineering & watch the explainer video on our website for more insight.

How to apply to the School of Engineering?

Applying to the School of Engineering is quite straightforward. Click on Apply Now. Proceed to fill out the application form. Confirm your email address and make payment to complete your application.

Will I take the assessment for the School of Engineering?

Shortly after your application has been confirmed, you can refresh and re-login to your student portal to access your Home Study Kit. The date for your assessment and scheduling will be communicated to you.

How much am I expected to pay?

The application fee for any of our Diploma programs is $20 / ₦20,000, after which you can take the entrance assessment. You can choose to pay Upfront ($290 / ₦‎290,000), Quarterly ($80 / ₦‎80,000), or Monthly ($30 / ₦‎30,000).

How to pay the application fee

The easiest way to pay for your application fee is to click on Apply Now if you have yet to create an account or log in if you already have an account.

How to pay the tuition fee

By giving you the best experience, we’ve made this process seamless and stress-free. You will be required to pay your tuition fee on the LMS once you have been successfully onboarded.

How will I learn?

One of our tools is the Learning Management System. This enables students to take classes virtually, on their own time while the weekly live classes allow you to ask questions and gain clarity from instructors in real time.

What is the learning duration?

Our school of engineering is a Diploma program and the duration is 12 months (1 year).

What is the learning schedule?

Our program structure is flexible and adaptive, enabling individuals with packed schedules to benefit from it. The program typically runs from Monday to Friday and consists of live classes and pre-recorded lectures from industry professionals.

How to access the Slack community

To guarantee your access to the Slack community, you need to apply successfully and the AltSchool team will send you an invite to join Slack, you are expected to only join the channel with the email address you registered with.

What is the minimum age required to get accepted into the program?

The program is beginner-friendly and to get accepted into the program, the minimum requirement is to be at least 16 years of age.

How do I process Refunds?

All application & tuition fees paid to AltSchool Africa for our programs are non-refundable. In the case of an error where a learner is wrongfully charged, AltSchool Africa is committed to resolving the matter promptly. You are expected to send an email to [email protected].